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26 March 2003

Ok, I'm going to give up on writing that philosophy about these pages. I've forgotten now what I wanted to say anyway!

The old Sparc 10 server lyra has bitten the dust, and now we're using SBO's Sun UltraSparc 450 fileserver cosmos to dish up these files instead. However, people can still reach our site either by using the original address or the new identification.

Besides just trying to keep the Astro-Info pages current every month, and having greatly expanded our PDF downloadable manual offerings (which have become quite popular), there have been a few expansions and updates to SBO-Info (thanks go to Stevi Fawcett), to Astro-Info (kudos to John Weiss), and the inclusion of the Apache Point Observatory virtual tour on the main page. Many more updates still remain to be done, if only everyone would go home and leave me alone for about six months!!!

Finally, this last month I've been adding auto-generated headers (like the one at the top of this very page ... again, John's doing!) to our bottom-of-the-webstructure files which had formerly been orphaned from the remainder of the website. This will give users who directly access these files (from, say, a Google search) a path to the body of the website in cases where the "back" button just wouldn't work. Hopefully this will add to our stats with a few more browsing visitors.

12 January 2001

Time flies ... it's three years later and I never got around to discussing the philosophy behind these pages that I promised below. And as usual, there's no time to do so now.

Only a few things have changed since the past millenium. I'm now using a G3 PowerMac to put together the site, but we're still uploading to the old faithful Sun Sparc 10. Have added small pieces of javascript, though I don't really understand how or why it works. "SkyPro" is now called "CCDSoft". And I still hate frames, avoid gimmicks such as audio and movie clips that demand you have the latest and greatest upgrades, try to resist too many whisles and bells that bog down load-time, and believe that HTML code should be written by hand, rather than by a piece of software. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

18 December 1997

Hope you've enjoyed browsing through the pages for Sommers-Bausch Observatory. I've just gotten through assembling this all-new format for the website, with the intent of making it much easier to navigate, much faster to download, and more informative as well. Sometime in the future, I'll include a bit more about the philosophy behind these changes - but not now. I'm too tired, and have run out of words!

This page is assembled and maintained on a PowerMac 6100/66 (Apple) using many nifty commercial and freeware packages, including: MacHTTP, Photoshop (Adobe), Voyager II (Carina Software), SkyPro (Software Bisque), and GifBuilder. The homepage server is a UNIX SparcStation 10 (Sun).

Please send comments, bugs, broken link notices, and corrections to the SBO web-messer / icon clipper / GIF-wrapper at

.... Keith Gleason, your friendly webmaster

Early Notes on Website Development

JAN 01:  Have done little in past six months except for monthly updates ... and
         even these have been behind schedule.  Now, am trying to modernize the
         layout, improve appearances, and get updated for the Spring Semester.
         Will probably get it all done by mid-year!
MAY 00:  Simple monthly updates.
APR 00:  First put up these new statistical graphs.
MAR 00:  Begin work on new statistics package.
FEB 00:  Updates to the sitemap page.
JAN 00:  New monthly, semester, and annual tidbits.  Lots of hits due to lunar 
         eclipse coverage in local papers
DEC 99:  Getting ready for new year - on-line lab manual
NOV 99:  Worked all month on the Reading Room, just installed at end
OCT 99:  Simple monthly updates
SEP 99:  Simple monthly updates
AUG 99:  Fall 99 semester updates
JUL 99:  Added 1010/1030 lab manuals, prep for fall mods.
JUN 99:  Fewer  hits and dowloads, but more emphasis on SBO rather than Hubble.
MAY 99:  Spending more effort on AstroInfo - annual tables.
APR 99:  More monthly updates, expanding AstroInfo.
MAR 99:  Started updating AstroInfo with monthly changes reflecting celestial events.
FEB 99:  Telescope page finished, greatly expanded instrument info. PDF Manuals too.
JAN 99:  Still working on  Telescopes page, need more time!
DEC 98:  Working on improved Telescopes page, not yet implemented.
NOV 98:  Improved the SBO Gallery page formats, added "back" buttons
OCT 98:  Simple monthly updates
SEP 98:  Simple monthly updates; preparing telescope manuals on-line.
AUG 98:  Major changes to "people" structure, new semester updates.
JUL 98:  No changes - getting behind in my work!
JUN 98:  Simple monthly updates.
MAY 98:  Huge increase in Hubble Gallery hits.
APR 98:  Simple monthly updates.
MAR 98:  New graphical format for the statistics page.
FEB 98:  Improved successful hits, but still not yet recovered to levels achieved
         prior to new format organization.
JAN 98:  Installed new format.  Dramatic drop-off in successful visits due to old
         filestructure still being pointed to by search engines.
DEC 97:  Continued work on reorganizing new format into topical blocks.  Not yet
         installed on server.
NOV 97:  Began work on reorganizing new website format, designed new graphics. New 
         design intended to be more user-friendly, limit downloads only to requested
         information, convert all gif files to more compressed jpeg files for faster
         downloads.  Not yet installed on server.
OCT 97:  No changes except for monthly graphics update.
SEP 97:  No changes except for monthly graphics update. 
AUG 97:  No significant changes; Teacher's Workshop at SBO accesses via new computer lab.
JUL 97:  No changes except for monthly graphics update.
JUN 97:  No changes except for monthly graphics update.
MAY 97:  Updated some aspects of content for the Summer Session, 1997.  
APR 97:  APAS 1010 students given assigment using posted images on Hale-Bopp Page. 
MAR 97:  Tremendous activity this month due to Hale-Bopp!  
FEB 97:  Continued addition for Hale-Bopp, also partial lunar eclipse Gifbuilder demo.  
JAN 97:  Significant updates to the Hale-Bopp files.  "obsv6" no longer a target for
         many search engines; resultant drop in total homepage hits as accesses go
         directly to the target file of interest on "lyra".  
DEC 96:  Increase in homepage hits due to automatic transferral from "obsv6" regardless
         of  the search engine target file subject.
NOV 96:  SBO hits to "obsv6" now automatically transferred to "lyra" homepage after
         10 secs.  All stats are now solely from "lyra"; none from "obsv6"
OCT 96:  Removed all "real" files from 'obsv6/sbo/' access on the 2nd, and added
         aliases to every '.html' and '.txt' file to send users over to 'lyra'.
         Will continue to use 'obsv6' strictly for development, then transfer the
         goods to 'lyra'.  On the 3rd completed these statistics combined from
         records from both machines, using WebStats summaries on the Mac, "awk"
         and "grep" routines on the Sun.
SEP 96:  Finally getting around to updating.  New semester schedules and info.
         Added lunar eclipse announcement, put in accumulated Hale-Bopp info,
         pulled Hyakutake folder.
AUG 96:  I remained surprised that so many hits continued to come into 'obsv6',
         until reference to the access logs showed that most were direct file
         accesses (using search engines) that by-passed the request to switch to
         'lyra'.  This continues to slow me down on my personal machine once in
         a while.
JUL 96:  Researching stuff for Hale-Bopp, but not put onto homepage yet.
JUN 96:  Some "spring cleaning" - summer class stuff, eliminate dated material.
MAY 96:  Still recovering ... besides, kind of burned out on .html for awhile.
APR 96:  Recovery from Hyakutake - whew!
MAR 96:  The explosion of contacts regarding Comet Hyakutake bogged down the 
         machine, so a "mirror" site '' (Sun SparcStation 10)
         was added mid-March.  Users accessing the homepage file on 'obsv6' were
         requested not touse 'obsv6' unless they couldn't get through to 'lyra'. 
FEB 96:  Files began to be accessed by search engines.
JAN 96:  Added the "Hubble Gallery" from collected images - why not share?
DEC 95:  Homepage officially started on '' (PowerMac 6100/66) 
         on December 1st, 1995.  Basic homepage plus the "SBO Image Gallery"
NOV 95:  MacHTTP and Webstats set up by Ken Brownsberger for 'obsv6'.  Began
         learning how to use html and assembling and composing items.
JUL 95:  Startup SBO homepage established on CASA machine by Justin Maki and
         Hanspeter Zink.

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