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Laboratory Exercises for APS 1010 & 1030


At the request of Katy Garmany, I've assembled here (nearly) all of the available laboratory writups used currently, or in the past, with the 1010 and 1030 lab courses conducted by the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado. Of course, a writup without the "props" (lab apparatus, photographs, software programs, demo equipment, etc.) does not permit full evaluation of the lab exercise itself - but it will give the reader a "flavor" of the material and its depth and extent of coverage.

Selection Process

Many, if not most, of the exercises have undergone numerous revisions from semester to semester, and I have not attempted to reproduce all of the various incarnations. Rather, I present the most recent version (Spring 1999), and in cases where there has been considerable evolution in the material, earlier "snapshots" that represent the flavor of that particular line of evolutionary development. If the need arises, I can produce additional variants as well from the archives.

If you wish to view the APS 1010 Spring 1999 manual in its entirety, including "boilerplate" introductory material, please visit the On-Line Manual site. However, all of the actual exercises included there are also independently referenced directly in these instructor pages.

Not every exercise that was developed is included. Some have been hardcopies only, for which I have no electronic version. Others, particularly during the earliest years of the lab, were essentially invented-on-the-fly - often materializing only 24 hours before the students had to use them - and were abandoned the following semester. I (mercifully, in my opinion) have elected to omit these, which tended to fall into the "clever but futile" category.

Adobe Acrobat Format

The original Word 4.0/6.0/98 documents have all been converted to Adobe Acrobat format. Some of the earlier Word 4.0 versions have lost some formatting in the translation, but the content remains intact.

If you don't already have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free from Adobe Customer Support.

Available Laboratory Software

In case you'd like to utilize the SBO Computer Lab for your own applications, I've included a list of software that is available for student use.

Editorial Comment

Opinions expressed herein are entirely my own, and may not reflect those of the reader or other individuals. I include them merely to provide historical context or to offer comments as a guide to the instructor for the process of exercise selection. I do not intend to step on anybody's toes, and I apologize in advance if I do so. Comments and recollections are given pretty much "on the fly" without much fact-finding from an investigation of the archives, and so are only as accurate as my memory. Evaluative comments and comparisons are given after only a brief re-examination of the files - you may find these somewhat erroneous and incomplete.

----- Keith Gleason, 20 May 1999

The Exercises