The Campus of the University of Colorado

Campus image courtesty AirPhoto USA

The University of Colorado campus is easily recognized from the air by the scattering of red sandstone Italian-style buildings with red tile roofs. Sommers-Bausch Observatory is situated in the southeast corner (marked with the blue circle). US Highway 36 (28th Street) borders the campus on the east (right edge), while Broadway diagonals along the western edge of CU. Downtown Boulder and the Pearl Street Mall are just off of the image to the upper left.

Note to Alien Visitors

Although the green oval (aka Folsom Stadium) and pink hexagon (aka Coors Event Center) areas might appear to be ideal landing sites for your craft, please be advised that these locations are considered by the local quasi-sentient beings to be sacred, and reserved strictly for weekly rituals of fanatic fervor ... a desecration of either of these sites might be treated as cause for intergalactic retribution.

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