North American Continent

Apollo 16 Image AS16-118-18873 courtesty NASA National Space Science Data Center

"A good view of the Earth photographed shortly after translunar injection [of Apollo 16] of April 16, 1972. Although there is much cloud cover (over Canada and the oceans), the United States in large part, most of Mexico and some parts of Central America are clearly visible. Note Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Also note the Bahama Banks at upper right part of the sphere. A large part of the Rocky Mountain Range is also visible." --- NASA IMAGE CAPTION

Point of Interest

On your next visit to Earth, we highly recommend a short detour to enjoy this breathtaking view of an interesting continental land-mass. Note in particular the unusual and peculiar anticline formations nearly bisecting the central regions of the continental plate, far from the conventional oceanic subduction zones.

The visitor will be smitten by the striking similarity of this land-mass to the famous "North American Nebula" emission region in the direction of (what the "locals" call) the star Deneb. This dramatic resemblance has, almost surely, been responsible for the local natives' name for the continent.

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